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Instructions and Help about Form W-9

Provident accounting services today were going to talk about the w9 form and how it relates to our 1099 that were gonna be receiving from our respective vendors so were gonna break down this w9 form a lot of us are used to the w2 forms being a w2 employee but as an independent contractor or a vendor for a company theyre gonna ask for this w9 form to be filled out so were gonna break that down today in the meantime if you dont mind subscribing to this channel like in this video theres lots of terrific tax and accounting help on this channel so you


It makes no sense that an employer is providing a W9 to an employee. A W9 form is a request for tax payer id. That would never be given to you by an employer, nor would you prone to the employer unless you were an independent contractor. The employer should be giving you a W2 which reports your income and witholding for last year, or if you are treated as in independent contractor (and are not technically an employee) a 1099.
Any company doing business within U.S. territory needs to follow U.S. tax and employment laws for that location. Payroll tax withholdings, workers’ compensation coverage, unemployment coverage, etc., all apply to U.S. employees no matter who owns the company.
Seems to me that you are trying to contact the Y!Mail customer care support team when you really need help from Yahoo!'s HR department.  Try contacting the Yahoo! HR department at or  W9's are usually related to your employment or contractual status with the company.There are humans who staff all the customer care channels -- but I sure whoever is staffing the Mail team's queue has either tried to route this request or is unsure what you might be asking for.
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