Form W-9

Who Needs to Fill out a W9?

As a taxpayer you might have filled out dozens of the forms during the tax season. Some of them are common thing for you and you know all ins and outs about the document before it actually gets in your hands. Others you see for the first time and have no idea how to complete them and where to send. W9 may be just the case. Who needs to fill out a w9? This is the first question that comes to your mind when you see the form.

This is the IRS document but unlike most of the IRS forms it isn’t sent to the IRS but to the person who’ve requested it. In fact, it is a request for taxpayer identification number. So you may get your blank w9 printable form or the one in electronic format if you’re doing work for the company without being its employee. Generally, it is designed for the freelancers, contractors or self-employed individuals who do the job for the company based on some contract.

A business, an entity or a client who needs your identification number and contact information will send you the form to be used for payroll purposes. The IRS requires your TIN to make sure that the income reported refers to the right person. You’ll get free fillable w9 where you’ll have to enter your social security number that stands for your TIN in this document. However, if you’re a business or a company, entering your SSN is the right thing to do.

Later when the employer is doing his paperwork w9 is used to fill out 1099-MISC form or other tax documentation to report to the IRS the amount of salary or wages paid to the independent contractors or freelancers.

An important fact is that ordinary employees aren’t asked to complete w9. They must file w-4 instead. Browse the IRS website to get detailed instructions to filling out the form.