Form W-9

Where Can I Get a W9 Form?

If you’ve ever been employed by a company or other entity as an independent contractor, you must have completed fillable w9 form. This document is an important element of the whole tax filing routine that starts with data collection necessary for tax filing process.

As a freelancer or independent contractor you must provide your taxpayer identification number on your W-9. Its official name - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification speaks for itself. The document is commonly used by companies, businesses and other entities to report annual earnings paid to the individuals or independent contractors who don’t belong to a company’s staff.

If you’re new to the game, it is natural that you should ask: where can I get a w9 form? Usually a company will sent it to you. If not, enter the IRS official website, browse the form catalogue and download the required document. All the documents that you can find on the IRS website are updated and has detailed instructions attached. If you have difficulty filling out any form, follow the guide. There you will find the exact tax filing date and the addressee who must receive the completed form.

Most documents available on the IRS website are electronic but some of them must be completed by hand. Once you’ve your printable w9, enter your TIN. Generally this is your social security number given to all U.S. residents. Nonresidents don’t have SSN therefore they must provide their TIN instead. Once a business gets your TIN, it then uses it to prepare your paychecks for the year.

If you’re an employer, you don’t need to sign the w9 or fill it out. You must use it when completing 1009-MISC and then keep it for the records.