Form W-9

What You Need to Know Before You Sign a W-9 Form

Why do I receive Form W-9?

Let’s imagine you provide some kind of services to an individual or business. If you receive more than $600 for your services during a year, the private entrepreneur or other business entity have to fill out and send you IRS Form 1099-MISC. This form asks for little information, but before completing it the preparer needs to know your current taxpayer identification number. And that is the moment they send you w9 form editable. In other words, this IRS form is a request for your personal information. Besides this, the form serves as a certification of your taxpayer number. This means that by signing the form you guarantee the authenticity of information.

What do I need to do with Form W-9?

Form W-9 is forwarded by the employer to a certain independent contractor to find out their taxpayer ID. It can be a Social Security number or an Employer ID. This information is essential when it comes to completing tax forms at the end of the fiscal year. W-9 is also used when the independent contractor has changed the taxpayer ID due to some reasons.

Don’t forget about the security

Form W-9 asks you to add personal information, such as name, address and taxpayer ID. Before adding this data to the document, make sure that you know the senders and they still need the information. We highly recommend to get in touch with the sender and find out how exactly they will use the information from the form. You are to take all the available security measures to protect your personal details from unauthorized access and distribution.

Fill out the required details

While completing free fillable w-9 you must add the information about your business. If you experience any difficulties, just follow the instructions.