Form W-9

What is a w9?

What is a w9 and why is it so important? Form W-9 is one of the most widely used IRS document which is usually in high demand during the tax season. The request is completed by the employees and forwarded to the employers or other individuals and companies. Actually, the fillable W-9 form is not sent directly to the IRS office. It provides an important data about the employee or individual contractor. The thing is that in order to complete other returns, the employer or HR manager who prepares the report documents for a company has to add the employer’s identification number or individual’s social security number of all the employees and private entrepreneurs which received a payment from the employer or business entity during the tax year. The taxpayer can complete a one page free fillable w 9 in several minutes. It asks for essential details: personal data (name of the individual or business name), type of federal tax classification (the appropriate box should be checked), exemptions, address, and list of accounts numbers. The taxpayer can submit the filled out template electronically or by mail.

The person must also certify the personal data with a signature and date it. Before doing this, read the text of the certification: this section contains an important information about the backup withholding. One copy of the request is forwarded to the HR manager or employer personally. They will use the information provided according to their needs.

As you can see, IRS W-9 is available for completing by US citizens and residents who work and receive income on the US territory. The process of completing printable W-9 is easy and straightforward.