Form W-9

What information should be provided in Form W-9?

When you’ve received Form W-9, you have to fill it out according to the instructions which can be easily found on IRS website. In this article we’ll discuss the main sections of the form and the basic rules of completing it.

What information should be provided in Form W-9?

IRS free w9 form has three parts for completion.

The first part contains seven lines obligatory for filling out.

The first line asks the taxpayer to add their name as shown on an income tax return.

The second line is to be completed only if the name of the business entity differs from the one added in the first line.

The third line has several checkboxes. The taxpayer should choose one of the boxes and determine the appropriate tax classification.

In the fourth section the representative of certain business entity has to type in all the exemption codes. The individuals don’t have to fill out this line.

The fifth line asks for the taxpayer’s address. Add here name of the street and house number.

The sixth line is for the postal index and name of the city.

If you know the person who sent you this form and you don’t have any doubts as for the information security, you can list the account numbers in line seven.

The additional option is to add the name and address of the requester.


That’s all as for the first part.


The second part of w9 fillable online form is the main one: it asks for the taxpayer identification number. It can be a Social Security Number (for individuals) or Employer Identification Number (for other business entities). One of these numbers must be added to the appropriate box. The indicated TIN must match the name mentioned in the first line of part I.

The third part of the form is a certification of the information provided. It must contain the taxpayer’s signature and date of signing.