Form W-9

Useful Tips to Help you File Your W-9 Risk-Free

Even if you’re a savvy taxpayer, filing taxes is probably a tough task for you. Especially if you’re an independent contractor or a self-employed individual providing services for various businesses. Your W-9 form is rather self-explained and it’s more about information safety rather than accuracy of calculations. The tips below will help you be sure that your sensitive data is strongly protected against any scam.

  • Make sure you know who’s hiring you

When you’re doing work for the company based on a contract, you’re not considered an employee. You may be contracted to various companies during the year but all of them will ask you for your Social Security Number and contact information when the tax season comes. Take your time to make sure that you’re sending the data to the right person. Always keep the contracts so that you know how to reach the company you’ve worked for.

  • Keep your W9 secure

The IRS introduces tax law changes regularly. To be sure that you get the updated version of your tax forms, take them from the IRS website. You can get blank W 9 printable form, fill it out and send out to the requester. If you’re filing electronically, encrypt your email so that no one can break the protection and steal the information. It’s much safer to send the form as registered mail and get the registration receipt that proves the documents are delivered.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you’re new to the game and don’t know what tax documentation you must file ask your employer for details. Specify what forms you’ll need to complete to report your income. If for whatever reason you can’t talk to your employer, surf the web and do some research. You will definitely find W9 fillable online form with instructions attached to it. You can also turn to tax consultant for help.

  • Know your employment status

If you know on what terms you’re hired to do the job for the company, you won’t get confused when filing your taxes. If you’re an employee you don’t need to fill out W9. In this case your employer takes all the responsibility.