Form W-9

Simple Issues to Be Aware of When You Fill Out a W-9

So, you’ve received Form W-9 from your employer and you want to know about all the tricks connected with this form. The form is a request which is used by the person or business entity to prepare other IRS tax forms. These are the most essential options for completing Form W-9.

Send W-9 in a secure method

IRS Form W-9 contains confidential information about your business and your personal details. Try not to send the completed request as an unprotected email attachment. It would be great if you have a possibility to send the filled out form with the delivery service. If you complete the form electronically, keep the document in an encrypted folder. Use the reliable computer software or USB flash drive to transfer and keep the printable w9 form. Keep in mind that W-9 form is not forwarded to the IRS, it is required for the information only.

Make sure you receive the right form

If you are an employee and not an independent contractor, your employer must forward you Form W-4 for completion. Once you’ve received free fillable w 9 form instead, talk to the employer or HR manager to find out your employment status. This option is essential for your tax returns and exemption.

Provide valid information

The main task of the IRS is to check the submitted information. If the employer sends you Form W-9, you have to fill it out and indicate your valid taxpayer identification number. Once you make a mistake or fill in the invalid ID on purpose, the IRS will ask the employer to withhold federal income taxes from the payments you’ve received, the so called “backup withholding”. That’s why Form W-9 should be completed carefully and very attentively and submitted to the requester in time.