Form W-9

How to fill out a w9?

Every year the US citizens and residents prepare their tax forms, for example fillable w-9, and file them with the IRS or other governmental entities. The aim of the reporting is to show how much money the individual or business entity made during the tax year and how much money they paid in taxes. The IRS has no possibility to track the tax obligations of the citizens, so the returns are prepared by the individuals or tax advisors. Most of the tax forms are easy to understand and complete. Just a little research and you can name yourself an expert. Still there are some very time consuming IRS forms which can be filled out only if you have a legal education or experience.

The fillable w-9 form is one of the simplest yet essential IRS forms. The employer and HR manager need it to get a taxpayer identification number from their employees and independent contractors. This can be a Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number. Form W-9 is not submitted with the IRS.These details are required to file other tax forms and report the IRS about all the wages paid to individuals during the tax year.

So, you’ve received this request. Let’s see how to fill out a w9. The document is a four page form: one page is to be completed by the recipient, the rest of the pages are instructions for W-9. First, indicate your name (line 1) or business name (line 2). Then you have to check the appropriate tax classification (choose one of seven boxes). If you are a business owner, add the appropriate exemption codes in section 4. Indicate your address and address and name of the person or entity which sent you this form. List the account numbers if required. That’s the first part of Form W-9. The second part is the main: it asks for your Taxpayer Identification Number. Enter it in special fields. The third part of the form is a certification. You have add your signature and date here. You can fill out the document electronically or print w 9 form and complete it by hand.