Form W-9

Do Foreign Citizens File W-9s?

If you do not have the US citizenship and don’t reside in the US, but still receive at least $600 income during a calendar year as the remuneration for the services provided or cooperation w with a US company, they may ask you may to complete the IRS Form W8-BEN. Basically, it is an equivalent of a printable w 9 form but for non-residents of the US. W8-BEN is a simple form that is called “Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals).” The purpose of the form is to verify that you are a foreign citizen and are the beneficial owner of the income. Upon completion, you must deliver the form to the party that contracted you out for the services but not to the IRS.

Foreign individuals are subject to the 30% US income tax rate. But, the is number of countries they have concluded a tax agreement with the US government to exempt foreign residents from the tax on earnings. However, the submission of the Form W8-BEN for the verification of the citizenship is crucial if you don’t want to have anything withheld from the earnings.

I’ve been asked to complete a W-9 even though I don’t have $600 in earnings!

Normally, the contracting party will ask you to provide a completed free fillable w 9 form as soon as you start cooperating. They will need it from every contractor to indicate the correct name and TIN on each copy of Form 1099-MISC meant to the contractors.

If the W-9 is not submitted at the initial stage the contracting party will definitely send you a W-9 request once your income approaches the $600 mark. Therefore, to prevent any kind of misunderstanding Form W8-BEN is to be filed in advance. Timely submission will ensure earning income without any interruptions.